Welcome to MWGUNSAFES: Explore Our 50 to 80-Minute Fire-Rated Safes Collection

Ensuring Fire-Resistant Protection

Discover our meticulously curated collection of safes, focusing on fire ratings between 50 to 80 minutes at MWGUNSAFES. We understand the critical importance of fire protection in your choice of a safe, and we strive to simplify your selection process.

Extending Protection in the Face of Fire

Every safe in this collection has undergone rigorous fire-resistance testing to guarantee its capacity to endure fire while maintaining a safe internal temperature. Longer fire ratings offer extended protection, affording you more time to respond during a fire emergency.

Our assortment includes safes of diverse sizes, styles, and additional security features within this specific fire rating range. Whether you seek a safe for safeguarding important documents, cash, jewelry, or other valuable items, rest assured our selection provides dependable fire protection.

Explore the showcased safes and select the one that aligns with your unique requirements. Our expert team is ready to guide you, address any inquiries, and ensure you make an informed choice.

Invest in fire-rated safes at MWGUNSAFES to shield your cherished possessions with confidence. Your security and peace of mind are our foremost concerns.