The Pope and Young Club Scoring System-MWGUNSAFES

Preserving Tradition and Ethical Hunting

In the world of bowhunting, there exists a unique society dedicated to the art of the hunt and the preservation of ethical hunting practices. Founded in 1961, the Pope and Young Club stands as a testament to the principles of fair chase hunting, bowhunting excellence, and wildlife conservation. I invite you to delve into the captivating world of the Pope and Young Club and its esteemed scoring system, which has become synonymous with ethical bowhunting.

The Birth of an Ethical Hunting Tradition

Founded by bowhunting pioneers Dr. Saxton Pope and Art Young, the Pope and Young Club emerged at a time when archery hunting was taking its first steps into the modern era. Recognizing the need to establish clear standards for fair chase and ethical bowhunting, the club set out on a mission to promote these values and protect the integrity of the sport.

The founding members of Pope and Young were united by their profound respect for wildlife and their passion for bowhunting. They recognized that bowhunting, with its shorter effective range, demanded a level of skill and closeness to the animal that was a testament to ethical hunting.

The Scoring System

The heart of the Pope and Young Club lies in its proprietary scoring system designed exclusively for bowhunting. This system aims to fairly evaluate the size and quality of North American big game animals taken with a bow and arrow. Unlike other scoring systems that place primary emphasis on symmetry, the Pope and Young system centers on a minimalistic, yet rigorous set of criteria:

  • Gross Score: The sum of a buck's antler length, mass measurements, and circumferences. This is the baseline score for a trophy animal.

  • Net Score: The gross score minus the deductions for irregularities, such as non-typical tines or abnormal growth.

  • Qualifying Minimums: Pope and Young Club has established specific minimum score requirements for different species, ensuring that only the most remarkable animals are recognized.

The unique feature of the Pope and Young Club's scoring system is that it values fair chase and ethical hunting as much as size and symmetry. It acknowledges that ethical bowhunting requires getting close to the game, testing a hunter's skill, and honoring the animals they pursue.

A Legacy of Conservation

Beyond scoring trophies, the Pope and Young Club is deeply involved in wildlife conservation. The club supports research, wildlife management, and habitat preservation efforts. It recognizes that ethical hunting and conservation go hand in hand, ensuring that the heritage of bowhunting can be enjoyed by future generations.

The Pope and Young Club and its scoring system exemplify the best of bowhunting traditions and ethical hunting practices. Its emphasis on skill, respect for wildlife, and conservation is a testament to the values cherished by bowhunters worldwide. As a hunter, conservationist, or both, the Pope and Young Club serves as a guiding light, reminding us that ethical hunting is not merely about what we take from the natural world but what we give back in return. It's a celebration of the spirit of the hunt and a promise to protect the wild places and creatures we hold dear.

Authored by Mike Ward from MWGunSafes