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Elevate Security with Gardall's Commercial IN-Floor Safes Collection

Concealed Protection for Commercial Spaces

Discover the pinnacle of security with Gardall's Commercial IN-Floor Safes Collection, meticulously designed to provide discreet yet robust protection for your valuable assets in commercial settings.

H2: Unrivaled Features for Maximum Security

Experience peace of mind with our standard features, including Group II U.L. listed combination or electronic push-button locks, a hard plate between the lock and dial ring, and a full-length locking bar hinge side of the door. Each safe is equipped with an independent relocking device to deter forced entry, ensuring unparalleled security for your business.

H2: Seamless Integration and Enhanced Security

Our in-floor safes are ingeniously crafted to be buried beneath the floor and concealed by a dust cover, effortlessly blending into your commercial space under a rug or carpet. For optimal security, professional installation by a certified safe dealer is recommended.

H3: Superior Construction for Reliable Protection

Gardall's Commercial IN-Floor Safes boast "B" rate burglary construction, featuring three active 1" bolts and a reinforced door frame on the bolt side. With coil spring assist on all doors, opening and closing your safe is effortless and efficient.

H3: Solid Anchoring for Added Assurance

Featuring a pyramid-shaped body, our safes ensure solid anchoring in the floor, providing an extra layer of security against unauthorized access and tampering.