Liberty Safes USA Series: Elevating Security and Protection

Introducing the USA Series by Liberty Safes—a testament to unwavering security and unparalleled protection for your firearms and valuables. Engineered with precision and built for reliability, this series is tailored for those who prioritize robust security without compromising quality.

Superior Security Features

The USA Series stands as a bastion of security, featuring a UL-listed safe body fortified with advanced security measures. Hardened steel plates shield against drill attacks, while Liberty's exclusive ultra-strong locking bars provide formidable defense against pry attempts. The relocker ensures added protection, securing the safe in the event of unauthorized access attempts.

Robust Fire Protection

Certified for 60 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F, the USA Series safeguards your valuables from the ravages of extreme heat and smoke. Liberty's Palusol heat-activated door seal expands, creating an impenetrable barrier against fire threats.

Functional Design and Convenience

Combining functionality with style, the USA Series features a thoughtfully designed interior with fully adjustable shelving and door storage options. The three-spoke handle adds a touch of elegance while offering easy access to your firearms and belongings.

Reliable and Ready

With Liberty Safes' commitment to quality craftsmanship and durability, the USA Series ensures reliability and readiness in the face of any security challenge.

Secure your peace of mind and protect what matters most with the Liberty Safes USA Series—a fusion of robust security, enduring quality, and unmatched protection for your valuables.