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Secure Your Valuables with Gardall's "B" Rated Money Chests & Utility Safes

Trusted Protection for Commercial and Home Use

Discover the Security of "B" Rated Safes by Gardall

Protect your valuables with confidence using Gardall's "B" Rated Money Chests & Utility Safes, ideal for both commercial storage and home use. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, these safes offer robust security features to safeguard your belongings.

Durable Construction for Enhanced Security

  • Featuring laser-cut ½” plate steel doors and ¼” steel bodies, Gardall's "B" Rated Safes provide superior protection against burglary attempts.
  • Large locking bolts and heavy-duty hinges ensure added security and durability.

Robust Locking Mechanisms

  • Equipped with a Group II combination lock, these safes offer reliable access control for authorized users.
  • Optional lock options include a Group II push button electronic lock or a U.L. approved single key operated lock, providing flexibility to suit your security preferences.

Maximum Security, Minimum Risk

  • The "B" rating signifies that these safes have undergone rigorous testing and meet specific standards for burglary resistance, providing peace of mind for your valuable assets.
  • Full-length locking bars deter prying attacks on hinges, further enhancing the security of the safe.

Seamless Integration, Easy Installation

  • With four anchoring holes in the bottom, Gardall's "B" Rated Safes can be securely anchored to prevent unauthorized removal, ensuring maximum protection for your valuables.

Elevate Your Security Standards

Trust in Gardall's "B" Rated Money Chests & Utility Safes to provide reliable security for your commercial or home storage needs. With durable construction and robust locking mechanisms, Gardall delivers peace of mind for your most valuable belongings.