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Secure Your Cash Register Trays with Gardall's Heavy Duty Cash Register Tray/Wide Body Depository Safes

Protect Your Cash Assets

Safeguard your cash register trays and minimize petty thefts with Gardall's Heavy Duty Cash Register Tray/Wide Body Depository Safes. Designed to keep your cash secure when not in use, these safes are essential for maintaining balanced and secure cash registers, reducing losses, and enhancing peace of mind.

Robust Security Features

Our safes are equipped with a range of standard features to ensure maximum security. A recessed door helps deter pry attacks, while a hard plate surrounding the lock, along with an independent relocker, provides added defense against unauthorized access attempts. Anchoring holes in the bottom allow for easy bolt-down installation, further enhancing security.

Flexible Interior Options

Choose from two adjustable shelves or five fixed shelves with model FL2522, allowing you to customize the interior layout to suit your specific needs. The inside compartment dimensions of 9”H x 21”W x 13”D (FL & GWB models) provide ample space for storing cash register trays securely.

Sturdy Construction for Reliable Protection

Constructed with ”B” rate construction and featuring a ½” plate steel door on Model 3522, our safes offer robust protection against theft and unauthorized access attempts, ensuring the safety of your cash assets.

Convenient Installation and Operation

With 3–1” round bolts and a full-length locking bar, our safes provide secure closure and easy operation. Plus, adding 2” to the outside depth accommodates the dial and handle, ensuring hassle-free access to your cash register trays.