Champion Safe Company: Setting the Standard in Security and Fire Protection

Discover the epitome of security and fire protection with the Champion Safe Company. Renowned for producing the industry's finest top-rated gun safes, our safes offer an unparalleled level of confidence in safeguarding your valuables.

Fire Protection that Matters

Champion's Crown, Triumph, Trophy, Victory, Model T, and Estate Home & Fire Gun Safes offer varying degrees of certified fire protection, ensuring your belongings remain secure even in extreme heat conditions. Ranging from 60 to 120 minutes at temperatures up to 1750 Degrees, these safes are built to withstand fierce fires.

Unmatched Security Features

Champion Safes provide unmatched security for your valuables. Boasting 100% continuous MIG welds and steel reinforced door casements, our safes deliver a level of door and body strength that surpasses competitors. Our safes feature four-way active BOLTWORK for ultimate boltwork design, complemented by an array of door defense systems to fortify against pry and brute force attacks.

American-Made Quality

Crafted from 100% American-made high-strength steel, Champion Safes stand as a testament to quality and durability. Unlike competitors using inferior Chinese steel, our commitment to American-made steel ensures unmatched strength and resilience.

Reliable Warranty and Assurance

Backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, Champion Safe offers peace of mind. From fire and break-in damage replacements, shipping, and removal, to paint peeling repairs, our warranty assures your safe investment remains protected.

Fire Resistant Ratings You Can Trust

Champion Safe Co. holds a UL 72 Fire Gun Safe Rating, underscoring our commitment to providing the utmost fire protection for your valuables.

Craftsmanship That Matters

Our door design and steel body construction speak volumes about the Champion difference. Champion Safes stand as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to providing safes that exceed industry standards.

Choose Champion Safe Company at MWGunsafes and experience unrivaled security, fire protection, and craftsmanship—setting the standard for the ultimate safeguarding of your valuables.

Champoin Safe Double-Steel Door Casement 


Champion Safe Pinion-Driven Radial Gears