Rhino Metals, Inc.: A Legacy of Excellence in Manufacturing

In 1995, a small-town metal fabrication job shop was founded, laying the foundation for what would become a leader in the industry. Rhino Metals, Inc., a company rooted in the values of discipline and excellence, was born from the vision of its founder, Don Suggs. Don, a former fighter pilot, combined his love for metalworking with the unwavering commitment to excellence that he gained in the cockpit of fighter planes.

Over the years, Rhino Metals has evolved and grown, becoming an industry leader in the gun safe sector. This journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. The company introduced game-changing concepts like the widely acclaimed Ironworks design, a testament to their dedication to blending aesthetics with functionality. Another groundbreaking addition to their portfolio is the Swing Out Gun Rack storage system, designed for convenience and accessibility.

But Rhino Metals isn't confined to the realm of gun safes alone. Their expertise extends to crafting high-quality tool chests that professionals trust for their durability and functionality. Beyond the realm of storage solutions, Rhino Metals also boasts a line of industrial vintage-styled furniture that combines the best of form and function, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any space.

MWGUNSAFES is proud to be associated with Rhino Metals, and we are excited to offer their outstanding products. As your trusted partner in security, we are here to help you find the perfect vault or safe that suits your unique needs. When it comes to safeguarding what matters most, trust in the legacy of excellence that Rhino Metals represents, and let MWGUNSAFES guide you towards the ideal solution.