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Safeguard Your Digital Assets with Gardall's Data-Media Safes

Protect Your Electronic Records with Confidence

Discover Enhanced Security for Your Media Storage Needs

In an era where digital data is paramount, safeguarding your electronic records is more critical than ever. Gardall's Data-Media Safes are specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements of protecting magnetic media, ensuring the safety of your valuable information in both home and office environments.

Advanced Protection for Digital Media

  • With the increasing reliance on computers in homes and offices, the loss of personal and business records can be devastating. Gardall's Media Safes are designed to provide enhanced protection for your electronic media, offering peace of mind against data loss.

Customized Security Features

  • Featuring a push-button 6-digit electronic lock with a key day lock, Gardall's Data-Media Safes offer secure access control for authorized users.
  • Equipped with a 3-way bolt work with bolt detent, these safes provide added security against unauthorized access.

Versatile Storage Options

  • The removable shelves allow for convenient organization of various media types, including office and home computer backups, digital pictures, music CDs, DVDs, and video tapes.
  • Enjoy one-hour fire protection for your media products, with a fire rating of 1832°F outside and 150°F interior, ensuring the integrity of your digital assets in the event of a fire.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Protection

  • Gardall's Data-Media Safes offer ease of installation without the need for a center bolt-down hole, providing flexibility in placement within your home or office environment.
  • Add 1½” to the outside depth for dial and handle, ensuring accurate measurement for proper installation.

Elevate Your Media Storage Security

Trust in Gardall's Data-Media Safes to provide reliable protection for your digital assets. With advanced security features and customizable storage options, Gardall delivers peace of mind for your media storage needs.