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Protect Your Cash with Gardall's Heavy Duty Under Counter Depositories

Concealed Security Solutions for Cash Management

ecure Your Excess Cash with Gardall's Under Counter Depositories

Keep your excess cash securely locked away and out of sight with Gardall's Heavy Duty Under Counter Depositories. Designed to prevent loss from pilferage, these safes offer discreet and robust protection for your valuable assets.

Durable Construction for Enhanced Security

  • Featuring a 1/2” plate steel door and 1/4” body, Gardall's Under Counter Depositories offer insurance "B" rated construction for maximum security.
  • Equipped with anchoring holes in the bottom for easy installation, ensuring your safe remains securely in place.

Versatile Usage, Unmatched Security

  • Designed for use in various environments, including walls, basements, car trunks, and RVs, Gardall's Under Counter Depositories provide flexible security solutions wherever you need them.
  • With a solid steel plate construction and UL listed Group II mechanical lock, these safes offer reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Customizable Security Features

  • Benefit from an independent relocker on the lock combination lock, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Optional Group II electronic lock available for added convenience and flexibility.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Protection

  • Pre-drilled mounting holes in the base make installation a breeze, ensuring your safe is securely anchored in place.
  • Add 1 1/2” to the outside depth for dial and handle, ensuring proper measurement for installation.

Elevate Your Cash Management Security

Trust in Gardall's Heavy Duty Under Counter Depositories to safeguard your excess cash with precision and reliability. With durable construction and customizable security features, Gardall delivers peace of mind for your cash management needs.

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