1878 Safes – Core Series: Where Rugged Elegance Meets Superior Security by Browning Safes

Elevating Your Security to Timeless Elegance

Experience the epitome of safeguarding with 1878 Safes – Core Series at MWGunSafes by Browning Safes. Encased in a weathered Metal Glaze finish, these safes marry rugged security with timeless aesthetics to protect your firearms and prized possessions. The interior, featuring Axis Adjustable Shelving, allows you to customize storage, optimizing space to your needs.

Craftsmanship Defined by Precision and Distinctiveness

Crafted with precision in the USA, each 1878 safe boasts a unique character due to variations in the metal construction. Embrace unmatched security and distinctive style with 1878 Safes – Core Series, representing the pinnacle of American craftsmanship. Protect what matters most while embracing the rugged elegance of the 1878 Safes – Core Series, now available at MWGunSafes by Browning Safes.




* 1878 - 65T WITH DOOR OPEN.

Thermablock logo

Thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps to prevent the internal safe temperature from rising during a fire.

DPX Storage

A modular system of door-mounted racks for long guns, including pockets and pistol pouches.

DPX Scope Saver

Scope Saver takes advantage of space in the door to fit a scoped gun in the same space as a non-scoped gun.

Gun Safe door showing an X-Bolt rifle in the Scope Saver.

Gun Safe Scope Saver Diagram


DPX Storage

Modular system that lets you customize your gun-safe interior to maximize space, protect guns and improve accessibility. 



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