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Secure Your Assets with Gardall's Commercial Light Duty Cash Management and Double Door Safes

Trusted Protection for Your Business's Cash Handling Needs

Keep Your Valuables Safe with Gardall's Light Duty Safes

Protect your business's cash and valuables with confidence using Gardall's Commercial Light Duty Cash Management and Double Door Safes. Designed for reliability and security, these safes are the ideal choice for businesses in need of dependable cash handling solutions.

Durable Construction for Enhanced Security

  • Crafted with a ½” plate steel door and 1/8” thick body, Gardall's Light Duty Safes offer robust protection against unauthorized access.
  • Featuring an independent re-locker and anti-fish sawtooth baffle, these safes provide added security measures to safeguard your assets.

Versatile Applications, Reliable Performance

  • Ideal for mounting in delivery vehicles, Gardall's Light Duty Safes ensure the safe transport and storage of cash and valuables during transit.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes make installation quick and hassle-free, ensuring your safe remains securely in place.

Customizable Options for Your Security Needs

  • Choose from models equipped with dual key locks, such as the LCF3214, at no additional charge, providing added security and flexibility.
  • Laser-cut doors ensure an exact fit, further enhancing the security and integrity of your safe.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Protection

  • Add 1½” to the outside depth for dial and handle, ensuring proper measurement for installation in your desired location.

Elevate Your Security Standards

Trust in Gardall's Commercial Light Duty Cash Management and Double Door Safes to protect your assets with precision and reliability. With durable construction and customizable options, Gardall delivers peace of mind for your business's cash handling needs.

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