Colonial Series Gun Safes: Secure Your Valuables with Unwavering Confidence

Uncompromising protection meets impeccable style in the Colonial Series Gun Safes. Engineered to safeguard your treasures, these safes blend formidable security features with functional design for a truly reliable defense.

Robust Fire Protection

Boasting a certified 75-minute fire protection at 1200º F, these safes stand resilient against intense heat. The Palusol heat-activated door seal ensures your valuables remain shielded from smoke and heat, even in the most extreme conditions.

Advanced Security Measures

Built with UL-listed components and a SecuRam backlit electronic lock (with a mechanical lock alternative), these safes ensure unparalleled security. Three hardened steel plates fortify the lock against drilling attempts, while Liberty's exclusive locking bars and a slip-clutch mechanism defend against pry and forced entry.

Style and Adaptability

The Colonial Series offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Choose from an array of textured, marble, or gloss colors to match your décor. Featuring a 3-spoke Suretight handle in multiple finishes, these safes also offer a fully upholstered, adaptable 3-in-1 Flex™ adjustable interior (upgraded to 6-in-1 Flex™ in the Colonial 50 Extreme model).

Included Accessories

With the convenience of a factory-installed door storage panel, SecuRam backlit electronic lock, and a single electrical outlet kit, these safes offer added functionality straight out of the box.

In summary, the Colonial Series Gun Safes are more than just secure storage—they are an embodiment of strength, adaptability, and style. Designed to safeguard your valuables against fire, intrusion, and beyond, these safes stand as a testament to unwavering protection and practicality.