Constitution Series Safes | American Rebel

Constitution Series Gun Safes by American Rebel

The Ultimate in Security and Fire Protection

Introducing the Constitution Series by American Rebel, a premium collection of gun safes available in five versatile sizes: 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 75. Each model in the Constitution Series is meticulously engineered to provide maximum security and fire protection for your firearms and valuables. Crafted with superior materials and advanced technologies, these safes are designed to offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Unmatched Security Features

The Constitution Series is built with a heavy 10-gauge steel body, featuring the exclusive Steel Arch Doorway™ and Double-Steel Door Casement™. This robust construction ensures a pry-resistant fortress that stands up to the most determined attacks. Each safe in this series is equipped with a thick double-plate steel door, precision cam-driven boltworks, and 1-1/2” diameter door bolts, providing unmatched security.

Advanced Door Defense Systems

Every model in the Constitution Series incorporates state-of-the-art door defense systems, including:

  • Full Inner Door Steel
  • Four-Way Cam with Cam-Lock™
  • Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ Lock Protection
  • Mechanical Relocking System
  • Glass-Guard™ Relock System

These features guarantee that your valuables remain protected under any circumstance.

Superior Fire Protection

The Constitution Series offers exceptional fire protection, with each safe boasting a 1650°F 90-minute fire rating. Double fire seals and multiple layers of fire insulation provide the best fire protection in their class, ensuring your firearms and valuables are safe from fire hazards.

Luxurious Interior

Inside the Constitution Series safes, you'll find a velour interior, LED lighting with motion sensors, deluxe door organizers, and adjustable shelving. These features enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the safes, making them a perfect addition to any home or office.

Sargent & Greenleaf® Electronic Lock

For over 160 years, Sargent & Greenleaf® has been a leader in providing top-notch locking solutions. The electronic locks in the Constitution Series feature:

  • Quick Programming with Large Keypad
  • Master and Five User Codes
  • Management Reset and Time Delay Override Codes
  • EMP Protection
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Available Sizes and Specifications

  • Constitution 25: Ideal for smaller collections, offering robust security in a compact design.
  • Constitution 30: A perfect balance of size and storage capacity, providing enhanced protection.
  • Constitution 40: Designed for larger collections, with ample space and superior security features.
  • Constitution 50: Combining maximum protection with luxury, suitable for extensive firearm collections.
  • Constitution 60: Offering the highest level of security and fire protection, perfect for serious collectors.
  • Constitution 75: The ultimate in storage capacity and protection, accommodating the largest collections.

Exterior Features

  • Finish Options: Textured, Gloss, or Two-Tone
  • Available Colors: Silver Birch, Gunsmoke, Gold Dust, Cherry, Sunburst, Black, Ivory, Platinum, Cobalt, Crimson, Granite, Sandstone
  • External Hinges for Full 180° Open Radius (Available in Left Swing Opening)
  • Pull Handle
  • Radial Gear Drive

Experience the ultimate in protection and style with the Constitution Series by American Rebel. Choose the size that fits your needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning the best gun safe in the industry. Order now and safeguard your valuables with confidence.