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Elevate Security with Gardall's Dual Protection Safes Collection

Unrivaled Security and Fire Protection

Experience unmatched security and fire resistance with Gardall's Dual Protection Safes, where a Class "B" rated safe is housed within a 2-hour fire-resistant exterior safe. Safeguard your most valuable possessions with dual layers of protection against burglary and fire damage.

State-of-the-Art Features for Ultimate Security

Our Dual-Protection Safes boast an array of standard features, including the finest quality combination locks, U.L. listed Group II with built-in relocking device, and key-op lock options. With a relocking device activated upon tampering, your belongings remain secure even in the face of forced entry attempts.

Robust Construction for Unyielding Protection

Inside, find a Class "B" rated interior safe construction, with a door interchangeability feature compatible with other Gardall safes. The interior door features triple bolt work with an independent relock device, while the exterior door is fortified with 3-way interlocking bolts and deadbolts to deter forced entry.

Resilient Fire Resistance

Rest assured knowing your valuables are shielded from fire damage with our fire-resistant exterior safe, insulated to withstand temperatures up to 1850°F for 2 hours, providing ample time for emergency response.

Convenient Options and Warranty

Choose from traditional combination locks or opt for the convenience of an electronic push-button lock. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime replacement warranty, ensuring long-term protection for your investments.


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