Franklin Series Gun Safes: Unyielding Protection, Unmatched Security

Discover the pinnacle of safeguarding for your valuables and essential documents with the Franklin Series Gun Safes. Crafted to exceed expectations, these safes epitomize top-tier security features and formidable defense mechanisms.

Advanced Security Features

Embrace the impenetrable with a 12-gauge body, ensuring robust protection against forced entry, tampering, and drilling attempts. This solid steel construction is the foundation of unparalleled security, safeguarding your possessions with resolute strength.

Extended Fire Resistance

With a remarkable 110-minute fire rating, the Franklin Series stands resilient against intense heat. Engineered and tested to withstand fire for an extended duration, these safes ensure the preservation of crucial documents and cherished items during fire emergencies.

Elite Level 5 Security Rating

Meet the stringent industry benchmarks with a Level 5 security rating. Rigorous testing and advanced locking mechanisms fortify these safes against diverse intrusion methods, securing your valuables with unmatched reliability and peace of mind.

In essence, the Franklin Series Gun Safes offer an unbeatable 12-gauge body, assuring unparalleled resilience against physical attacks. With a 110-minute fire rating and a Level 5 security certification, these safes serve as an impenetrable fortress, protecting your prized possessions and vital documents with unwavering reliability.