Liberty Safes National Classic Extreme Series: Unrivaled Security and Premium Protection

Experience the pinnacle of security and premium protection with the National Classic Extreme Series by Liberty Safes, designed to safeguard your most cherished possessions. This series represents the apex of security, ensuring unparalleled defense for your valuables against any threat.

Unmatched Security Features

The National Classic Extreme Series offers superior security with a heavy-duty build and innovative security measures. Boasting a robust UL-listed safe body, it features Liberty's premium Sargent and Greenleaf electronic lock system, guaranteeing impenetrable access control. The composite doors fortified with a 1/4” inner steel plate, ball-bearing hardplate, and triple relockers provide exceptional resistance against brute force attacks.

Exceptional Fire Protection

Rest assured with the impressive fire protection capabilities of this series, providing certified safeguarding for your valuables against fire hazards. Equipped with a Palusol heat-activated door seal that expands to shield against heat and smoke, this series offers reliable fire protection.

Style and Functionality

Combining style with functionality, the National Classic Extreme Series is available in various finishes to suit your aesthetic preferences. The interior boasts a fully customizable layout, allowing you to organize your valuables with ease. With accessories like premium door storage panels, automatic on/off lighting systems, and deluxe dehumidifiers, this series ensures convenience and added protection for your belongings.

Available at MWGunsafes

Discover the unparalleled security and premium features of the National Classic Extreme Series by Liberty Safes, available at MWGunsafes. Elevate your security standards and protect your valuables with a combination of top-tier fire protection, maximum security, and versatile functionality that this series offers.