Browning Platinum Series Safes: Unmatched Elegance and Security

Step into the realm of excellence with the Browning Platinum Series Safes, representing the epitome of top-tier security and elegance. Crafted using robust 3/16" (7-Gauge) steel, these safes boast enhanced weight and pry resistance, setting the standard for premium protection.

Exceptional Fire Protection

Equipped with ThermaBlock fire protection, the Platinum Series safeguards your valuables against heat and flames for an impressive two hours. This advanced fire-resistant feature ensures your belongings remain shielded in critical situations.

Elegance Redefined with Grade VI Cedar Interior

Setting itself apart, the distinguishing feature of the Platinum Series lies in its luxurious Grade VI cedar interior. Not just a safe, but an aesthetic piece, the cedar interior adds a touch of sophistication to the security measures. Crafted for both functionality and beauty, it ensures your firearms and valuables are stored in an environment as elegant as it is secure.

Crafted in the USA

Every Browning Platinum Safe is proudly made in the USA, showcasing superior craftsmanship and quality. From its robust construction to its refined interiors, these safes exemplify excellence in both security and aesthetics.

Discover the unparalleled elegance and security of the Browning Platinum Series Safes. Elevate your security standards while adding a touch of sophistication to your home or office, ensuring your valuables are safeguarded in both style and strength.

*The Inside of a Platinum 65T.

Thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps to prevent the internal safe temperature from rising during a fire.

When heat builds and flames roar, ThermaBlock ensures that your valuables are well protected. Exclusive to Browning ProSteel safes, ThermaBlock features thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps that would allow the internal temperature in the safe to rise during a fire.

With ThermaBlock’s advantages, we begin fire-testing safes where the other brands’ testing ends. The chart shows that a Browning ProSteel safe with ThermaBlock and external hinges offers fire protection as much as three times better than a safe with internal hinges and gaps in fire protection that leave your valuables unprotected.


We understand that fire protection is more than just adding fire insulation to a safe. Other aspects of safe construction play crucial roles in the total fire protection package. Here, the little details add up to make or break the true fire protection a safe offers. For example:  

The thickness of the steel used in the body is vital. Heavier gauge steel flexes less when heated, limiting distortion that let's heat in through gaps in broken welds and around the door frame. Speaking of welds, we continuously weld — not spot weld like some of the competition — every seam for added resistance to heat-related flex. Even the door hinge design matters. All of these little touches add up to big gains in fire and heat resistance and go a long way towards protecting your most valuable possessions.



The modular system of door-mounted racks for long guns, including pockets and pistol pouches. 

DPX Gun Safe Door Storage System

The patented DPX Door Storage System is the most versatile Browning ProSteel safe interior ever.  This system maximizes gun storage space by including a modular system of door-mounted racks for long guns as well as pouches and pockets for pistols and other valuables.  Whereas many competitors offer these features as upgrades, the DPX storage system is a standard option on many of our safes. No doubt, it's the Gun Safe Industry's Biggest Breakthrough in Efficient Space Utilization.

DPX® Door Storage System

Handgun Pouches – The military-style MOLLE System straps on the DPX panel allowing handgun pouches and other MOLLE items to be placed virtually anywhere. 

Mesh Pockets – See-through mesh pockets hold smaller items and make valuables fast and easy to visually locate.

Quick Access Barrel Rack – Flexible polymer wings protect the barrel finish, secure the barrel in place and allow firearms to easily be pushed into or pulled from the rack. (U.S. patent #D643500)

Scope Saver – Store long guns with optics on the DPX door rack with the Scope Saver. The recessed panel protects scopes and increases gun capacity.

Stock Tray – The molded stock tray secures the stock in position and helps prevent rifles from coming in contact with one another.

The DPX system stores guns efficiently and securely on the door, giving Browning ProSteel safes the ability to store more guns than competitors.

The DPX Advantage

The patented DPX storage system (U.S. Patent #7,409,790) is available exclusively on Browning ProSteel safes. This unequaled organizational tool allows long guns, handguns, shooting gear, and more to be stored on the back of the safe door. The DPX gun rack creates as much as 50% more long gun capacity inside the safe, and makes the guns on the door easy to access. The Scope Saver increases storage and protects optics. DPX pouches and pockets hold valuables and gear where they are easy to find and free up shelf space for even more items.

How Do Browning Safes Hold 50% More Guns?

The long gun capacity is a series of three numbers, for example, 11/22+7 on a 26 Cu. Ft. safe.

The first number is the long gun capacity in the safe body with a Half Shelf interior (11 in the example).

The second number is the long gun capacity in the safe body with an All Gun interior (22 in the example).

The “plus” number is the long gun capacity on the back of the door (+7 in the example).

Total capacity grows up to 50% in the Half Shelf configuration because there is a full rack of long guns on the door back.

“Fast Access Guns” increase in both Half Shelf and All Gun configurations. These guns are defined as those that are on the front row of the safe body and the door gun rack. Due to the varying sizes of firearms, actual gun capacity may vary.


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