Titan Vault | Body Steel 3/8" & 3/4" Door Steel | Fort Knox Vaults

Titan Vault: Ultimate Security for Your Possessions

Unrivaled Protection and Innovation

Titan Vault Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

  • The Titan Vault features a robust 3/8” thick dual body, comprising a 3/16” carbon steel body and a 3/16” ArmaKnox AR500 inner steel liner, providing unparalleled protection for your valuables.

Enhanced Door Thickness

  • With a massive 3/4” door edge thickness and 18 locking bolts, the Titan Vault ensures maximum security against intrusion attempts.

Superior Fire Protection

  • Boasting 90-minute, 1680°F fire protection, the Titan Vault offers peace of mind in the event of a fire emergency.

Reinforced Fire Door

  • Our innovative Reinforced Fire Door adds layers of steel and 10-gauge reinforcement, enhancing fire protection and security.

Heavy-Duty Body Design

  • Utilizing Unibody Construction, the Titan Vault retains the natural strength of the steel, with a deep recessed door seat and folded edge for enhanced security.

Innovative Locking Mechanism

  • Our patented 5-to-1 gear drive rack and pinion locking mechanism offers unparalleled reliability and precision, ensuring maximum security for your valuables.

Optional Inner Steel Liner

  • For added security, choose from various levels of inner steel liners to create additional barriers against intrusion attempts.

Customization Options

Distinctive Finishes

  • Choose from Textured, Gloss, or Distressed finishes to match your style and environment perfectly.

Available Sizes and Configurations

  • The Titan Vault is available in 11 different configurations and 5 sizes, providing flexibility to meet your specific security needs.

Invest in the Titan Vault today and experience unmatched security, innovation, and peace of mind for your most valuable possessions.

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