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Centurion 32 Deluxe Safe: Where Economy Meets Unyielding Security

Explore the perfect combination of budget-friendly pricing and unwavering security with the Centurion 32 Deluxe Safe by Liberty. As part of the Centurion Deluxe Series, these safes offer Level 1 security, making them an ideal choice for those who desire robust protection without breaking the bank.

Key Features and Specifications

Security Features

  • Level 1 Security: Experience peace of mind with Liberty's Level 1 protection, ensuring your valuable items are safeguarded in the Centurion Deluxe Series.

  • 40-Minute Fire Protection: Protect your belongings with 40 minutes of fire resistance, a vital feature for any safe, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Professional Delivery and Installation: Ensure a seamless setup of your safe with professional delivery and installation services available, making it ready to protect.

  • Made in the U.S.A and Lifetime Warranty: Trust in the durability and longevity of a safe proudly made in the U.S.A, further backed by Liberty Safes' lifetime warranty, offering unparalleled peace of mind.

DLX Upgrades

  • 3-Spoke Handle: Opt for the 3-spoke handle upgrade for enhanced functionality and aesthetics, ensuring your safe is not only secure but also stylish.

  • Door Panel: Customize your safe's interior with an additional door panel for improved organization, making it easy to arrange your valuables and enhancing your safe's functionality.

  • Electronic Lock: Upgrade to an electronic lock for convenience and modern security features, ensuring swift and secure access with the latest technology.

Safe Specifications

  • Centurion 32 DLX

  • Long-Gun Storage: Accommodate up to 32 long guns, offering extensive space for your firearms collection.

  • Number of Locking Bars: Features 7 locking bars, each with a width of 4" and a thickness of 3/16", ensuring top-tier security.

  • Exterior Dimensions H x W x D: Measuring 59.5" x 28.25" x 24.5", providing generous storage space while fitting well into your space.

  • Exterior Cubic Feet: Offering a spacious 23.64 cubic feet of storage capacity for your valuables.

  • Interior Dimensions H x W x D: Measuring 55.75" x 26.5" x 21.5", ensuring ample storage room for your items.

  • Interior Cubic Feet: Providing 15.31 cubic feet of storage capacity, making organization a breeze.

  • Minimum Doorway Required: A minimal 22" doorway is needed for installation, ensuring compatibility with most door frames.

  • Weight: With a substantial weight of 411 lbs., the safe combines robust construction with ease of placement, ensuring security and convenience.

Additional Information

  • Measurements and Dimensions: Please note that slight manufacturing variances in measurements and dimensions may occur, allowing for flexibility in installation.

  • Gun Count: The capacity may vary depending on the size of guns and scopes, offering versatility in storage.

  • Liberty Extended Lock Warranty: Extend your peace of mind with Liberty's extended lock warranty, emphasizing the enduring quality and reliability of your investment.

  • Liberty's Right to Update Specifications: Liberty reserves the right to change or update product specifications, colors, and model sizes at any time to ensure constant improvement, demonstrating a commitment to innovation.

Elevate your security with the Centurion 32 Deluxe Safe – where security and affordability merge seamlessly. MWGunSafes: Your Trusted Partner in Safety and Quality.



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