Marquise Series Luxury Home Safes | Fort Knox Vaults

Fort Knox Home Safes: Unmatched Security and Luxury

Luxury Features

Fire Protection

  • Industry-leading 120-minute, 1680°F fire protection ensures your valuables remain safe in extreme conditions.


  • Crafted with a sturdy 3/16" overall body steel thickness and a robust 1/2" door edge thickness for maximum security.
  • Features 11 locking bolts for added protection.

Optional Upgrades

  • Optional stainless steel and AR500 steel add-ons available for enhanced durability and resistance to attacks.
  • Lights come standard, while a dehumidifier is optional for added convenience.



  • Standard Home Safe model with a 3/16" body, offering superior security and fire protection compared to others on the market.


  • Includes an AR500 liner for increased resistance to cutting and drilling.


  • Features both an AR500 liner and a stainless steel liner, providing maximum protection against cutting torch attacks.

Luxury Features

Design and Convenience

  • Thoughtfully appointed with luxurious features such as hardwood drawers, plush velvet customizable tray configurations, high gloss finishes, fabric-lined doors with vanity mirrors, and attractive interior fabric finishes.

Theft Protection

Additional Steel Layers

  • Adding layers of AR500 steel and stainless steel enhances the tensile strength of the safe, making it more resistant to attacks.

Fire Protection

Proprietary Fire Protection

  • Lined with a proprietary blend of hydrogen bond fireboard and stud weld process, providing unmatched fire protection.
  • Fort Knox conducts a credible full 9-sensor house simulated fire test, offering detailed results to ensure superior fire protection compared to competitors.

Lifetime Warranty

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Enjoy peace of mind with Fort Knox's lifetime warranty, covering every part of your home safe with no limitations or exclusions.
  • Warranty applies to the original purchaser only, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.