Maverick Vaults | Body Steel 10 GA. & 3/8" Door Steel |Fort Knox Vaults

Heading: Elevate Your Security with the Maverick Vault

Heading: Unbeatable Value and Superior Construction


Introducing the Maverick Vault – the epitome of value and reliability in home security. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Maverick boasts a heavy 10-gauge body thickness and a robust 3/8” door edge, rivaling safes typically found at higher price points.

Fire Protection

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with the Maverick's impressive 75-minute, 1200°F engineered fire protection. This exceeds industry standards, ensuring your valuables remain safe even in the most extreme conditions.

Security Features

With 9 to 11 locking bolts, the Maverick provides unmatched security for your belongings. Each bolt is strategically placed to maximize protection against unauthorized access.

Bundle Package

Upgrade your security with our bundle package, featuring a door organizer, lights, hinge caps, and dehumidifier. This comprehensive package enhances convenience and functionality while maximizing protection.

Invest in the Maverick Vault today and enjoy premium security without compromising on value.