Liberty's Tactical 24 Gun Safe: Tailored for Tactical Expertise

Crafted with precision for the tactical enthusiast, Liberty's American-made Tactical 24 gun safe is a testament to innovation and customization. Designed by engineers with a focus on tactical needs, this safe offers a dual-flex tactical interior and adjustable shelving, empowering you to personalize your storage to perfectly fit your tactical gear.

Enhanced Fire Protection

Certified for 40 minutes at 1200°F, this safe ensures your firearms and valuables are shielded against extreme heat and smoke. Liberty's Palusol heat-activated door seal expands to fortify protection in fire emergencies.

Robust Security Features

Engineered for reliability, this safe boasts a UL-listed Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical lock (with an electronic lock option) and fortified steel components to withstand potential threats. The single hardened steel plate protects the lock from drill attacks, while the composite door, steel gusset, and Liberty's ultra-strong locking bars fortify against pry attempts. Additionally, a relocker secures the safe in case of brute force attempts.

Style Meets Functionality

Available in a textured finish, the Tactical 24 Gun Safe exhibits a drop handle for ease of use. The fully upholstered dual-flex tactical interior provides versatile storage, while the door storage panel features a military-style MOLLE system and an adjustable quick-release rifle holder for optimized organization and accessibility.

Included Accessories

Included are two utility gear trays, two ammo storage cans (.30 cal/.50 cal), and a MOLLE-style tactical door storage panel with a quick-release rifle holder, providing added convenience and organization options.

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Elevate your tactical storage experience with Liberty's Tactical 24 Gun Safe, designed to meet the demands of tactical expertise while ensuring uncompromised security and customization.